Twin Whole of House Water Filter
  • Twin Whole of House Water Filter

Rainwater Dual carbon + Sediment No reducing water flow 10" x 4.5 for drinking

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 4.5X 10 Inch Big Blue Whole House Water System with  5 Micron CTO with Sediment  

10" Big Blue Whole House Water Filtration System - this water treatment system treats all of the water entering your home, removing sand, silt, sediment, rust and other particles that can damage your water softener, prematurely foul carbon filters or ruin the plumbing fixtures and valves. AB-SINGLE 10 BIG BLUE Housing System effectively eliminates many impurities from tap water to offer sparkling clean and great tasting water throughout your whole house.


Kit includes

1 x  4.5"10" Big Blue Water Filter Housing
- 1 x 10" x 4.5"  CTO 5 Micron 

1 x Metal Bracket Heavy Duty
- 1 x Housing Wrench

2 x 1" To -3/4" Bushing

1 X Spanner 

1 x Gauge

-1 x  Extra O ring for the  future replacement 


Replacement filter 


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Twin Whole of House Water Filter
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